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About Taylor Rental

Our sales and rental facility is, and has been since 1977, located in Auburn, Indiana.  We have been in continuous operation, with the same family at the helm that entire time.  In 1977 our company founder, Captain N. Michael Smaltz USNR (1942-2002), retired from active duty with the United States Navy.  He moved our family to my mother’s childhood home, the heartland of America; Auburn, Indiana.  My family’s goal was to provide the very best power equipment for sales and rental and that remains our goal to this very day.

Why You Should Buy From Us!

We are a NEW and USED equipment dealer.  We also rent equipment.  We sell MAJOR NAME BRANDS.  We have an advantage over all of our competitors that you get for FREE!  Our advantage is that we sell the same brands that we rent.  What this means is that we get to see, day in and day out, how a product performs in the most grueling of environments, the equipment rental industry.  We see how a tool works when people use it and abuse it.  We are able to see what works and what does not.  The equipment and brands that do not perform to our high standards are removed from our inventory.  The equipment and brands that do perform will continue to be used and will be added to our line of NEW equipment for sale. You get to see survival of the fittest on The Discovery Channel…..We get to see survival of the fittest in every day equipment rental and YOU BENEFIT!